Beat,beat my heart

I wanna live in a crooked house
All bent to hell, flipped over, inside out
Four wayward walls
In a dim lit hallway
That’s always calling
Softly asking me to open
Each and every door
With the creaking of the floorboards
Unsettles dusty scores
Where every haunting threshold across a lawn mowed 
I wanna love with this crooked heart
All beat to hell, skipped over, charged with sparks
Four wayward chambers
Pumped full of danger
Well, I’ll wager my fate for a glimpse of technical alone
Well, enough with all these grays
And shades of dead malaise
No, I’d rather they’d drawn out every cross space in this maze
Beat, beat, my heart 
I want to see straight with these crooked eyes
The truest blacks, the brilliant blinding whites
For every morning I wake in a muddy haze
Well, I make my case for a minor miracle
I might procure from out here on the bed
Where the waiting tips the final scales
Oh, beyond all reasonable compare
Where every single sense you’ve ever had
Is a momentary flair
Beat, beat, my heart

Nuno Alexandre Mendes (e-mail)
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2017